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Getting settled

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Early in the year before everywhere awakensKos was the first place in Greece we visited. Stepping from the plane to be enveloped by the warm air I felt as though I'd arrived home. I realised my attraction wasn't Kos (lovely as it is), it was Greece.

After settling in our hotel I strolled around to a local shop and before I'd got to the checkout I had met, chatted with and been invited to have tea with the Vice Consulate's secretary. Like you do. I duly presented myself and we chatted away about all things greek. I left there a self-proclaimed expert and I was hooked.

The next few years were spent searching for the somewhere Greek where we might put down a little of our root ball. No idea where that might be but we'd be sure to know when we found it. We hopped about various islands and as in the previous post we visited Lesvos but stayed in Petra and the surrounding area with a 3 day jaunt down to Vatera. I have to give all the well-done points to Mick for his cajoling/nagging/keeping on about visiting Eressos and I agreed in an almost huffy way just to shut him up.

Well, shows how much I know. Nothing could have prepared me for the spontaneous whole body sighs that slipped forth when we arrived in Skala. I know now that this happens a lot and I see people having that same experience. Often there are no words, it is visceral; an uncontrollable feeling of joy. It might be a silent revelling and sometimes it is a smile and a nod in acknowledgement that they too are in on the secret.

I now feel that I have a personal relationship with the 'Rock' (this will feature in a future post). I pretend I am a local when I am there and no-one seems to mind. If they do they are polite enough to not say anything. Or, maybe they haven't noticed or care-such is the bohemian way.

Here is where the Siren truly calls competing with the muses for your heart and soul. Be prepared x


The picture is me 'owning' the sea early in the year before everywhere awakens.